For Whom the Radio Tolls

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Every afternoon, my Grandma had a ritual. It was an important time of the day that you didn’t interrupt. The ceremony involved turning on an old-fashioned square radio that had a knob and a speaker that looked like a grill. … Continued

Five reasons to watch Grantchester

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As a period drama addict, I love it when I discover one that is new and addicting. Grantchester is one of  those dramas. It features James Norton as vicar Sidney Chambers and Robson Green as DI Geordie Keating. Sidney is a … Continued

Hate is easy

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The recent shooting in Orlando proved that hate is easier to choose than love. One man was so driven by fear and hate that he killed innocent people. It doesn’t matter how many times officials analyze why he did it, … Continued

Paper Dolls: When I was one

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When I was a kid, I loved paper dolls. I collected them with a passion. I had a few cheap Barbie ones, but I was addicted to the Tom Tierney ones. I loved the fancy vintage styles, as I was … Continued

Book Review: Wolves of Black Pine

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Wolves of Black Pine by SJ Himes was a werewolf story that went far beyond my expectations. The book follows the story of Kane, the future pack Alpha, and Luca, the werewolf that comes back into his life after being missing … Continued

Book Review: Midnight Marked

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Chloe Neill’s Midnight Marked brings us back to Merit’s world in the latest installment of the Chicagoland Vampires series. The novel picks up with Merit and the gang trying to take down Adrien Reed and his criminal empire. Magic and … Continued

Current Favorite Things

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Despite the businessy of work and finishing my tech writing course, I’ve found time to discover new things. Well, not so new because these things have been out a while. I’m usually behind when it comes to certain trends. However, … Continued

March Book Madness

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Whaat is it about the month of March that brings a slew of new books in? Most of the authors I love put out a book this month. With the advent of spring, March ensures that you have a book … Continued

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